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Poor Clares of Arundel Light For The World

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The Poor Clares of Arundel are 23 nuns living in secluded rural Sussex countryside.

The album "Light for the world" contains subtly produced unaccompanied chants.

With this album, The Poor Clares of Arundel share music that accompanies their everyday life with peace and quiet.

For the first time, outsiders can now also get a glimpse into this special world.

"Light for the World" is an island of calm and offers us an entertaining escape from the noisy and restless everyday life of the modern world.



  1. Veni Creator Spiritus     
  2. All Who Labour
  3. You Are Love (St Francis)             
  4. Let The Love That Dwells In Your Hearts (St Clare)           
  5. Gaze, Consider, Contemplate (St Clare)
  6. Earthly Kingdoms           
  7. Ave Maria          
  8. Pange Lingua    
  9. Ubi Caritas         
  10. In Paradisum    
  11. Love Him (St Clare)        
  12. Agnus Dei          
  13. May Your Love (Psalm 32)           
  14. Creator Alme Siderum  
  15. Attende Domine             
  16. Oh Lord Hear My Voice (Psalm 27)