Mixing Colours by Roger Eno & Brian Eno - CD - shop now at Deutsche Grammophon store
Mixing Colours by Roger Eno & Brian Eno - CD - shop now at Deutsche Grammophon store

Roger Eno & Brian Eno Mixing Colours

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 Format: CD

“There's a huge commonality between what we're interested in.” Roger Eno

“These pieces are very Impressionistic and very much to do with sonic quality, sonic colour.” Brian Eno

 Roger Eno and Brian Eno – together and individually among the foremost innovators in experimental ambient music – will release their first album on Deutsche Grammophon: Mixing Colours.

Brian and Roger Eno have revolutionized many concepts of music production and performance, from pioneering treatments of pop music by Brian Eno to younger brother Roger Eno’s ambient synth/piano recordings reminiscent of Erik Satie.

These qualities resonate on this new release. Each brings his unerring sense of place and mood to the album. The timbre in each title deepens and opens up with each listening. Specific yet abstract titles guide listeners through the collection created over several years in a unique collaboration by both artists.

The result is deep-dive listening and landscapes of sound bearing titles like abstract art: Obsidian, Deep Saffron, or Wintergreen.

This debut DG release will reach a wide new audience still unfamiliar with their artistry. The poetic and ambient anthology reveals two celebrated ambient musicians at the height of their artistry.



 01 Spring Frost

 02 Burnt Umber

 03 Celeste 

 04 Wintergreen

 05 Obsidian

 06 Blonde

 07 Dark Sienna

 08 Verdigris 

 09 Snow

 10 Rose Quartz

 11 Quicksilver

 12 Ultramarine

 13 Iris

 14 Cinnabar

 15 Desert Sand

 16 Deep Saffron

 17 Cerulean Blue

 18 Slow Movement – Sand