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Esa-Pekka Salonen / LAPO Stravinsky: Petrouchka / Le Sacre Du Printemps (BD-A)

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50 years after Stravinsky's death, Deutsche Grammophon presents Stravinsky's “La Sacre du Printemps” in a special live recording from the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Esa-Pekka Salonen can be heard on his first recording as chief conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The recording from 2003 is characterized by a special constellation: the excellent acoustics of Walt Disney Hall not only made Stravinsky's “Sacre” an extraordinary sound miracle, but also Mussorgsky's “Night on Bald Mountain” and Bartók's “The Wonderful Mandarin” suite. The energetic live production, characterized by musical power, will be released on CD and in a new 24-bit remastering on Blu-ray Audio Disc. The Blu-ray contains a stereo 2.0, a surround 5.1 and a Dolby Atmos mix. The booklet includes an insightful essay by Alan Rich on the connection between Walt Disney, his classic film Fantasia and the composer Igor Stravinsky. A must for every sound lover.


Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain (Original Version)

Bartók: The Miraculous Mandarin (Concert Version) Op. 19

Stravinsky: Le Sacre du printemps (Version 1947)


Part 1: The Adoration of the Earth

1. Introduction

2. The Harbingers Of Spring, Dance Of The Adolescents

3. Mock Abduction

4. Spring Rounds

5. Games Of The Rival Tribes

6. Procession Of The Sage

7. The Sage

8. Dance Of The Earth

Part 2: The Sacrifice

1. Introduction

2. Mystical Circle Of The Adolescents

3. Glorification Of The Chosen One

4. Evocation Of The Ancestors

5. Ritual Of The Ancestors

6. Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)