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János Starker Bach Suites 2 & 5

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This LP is part of the second Mercury Living Presence line, which includes a total of five vinyls. Long hailed as the audiophile's label, Mercury Living Presence represents an important milestone in the history of classical recording. Since they were first released, Mercury Living Presence LP records have been collected and coveted and 70 years after the label’s first release. Mercury continues to be admired for the quality of its artistry and recordings: all celebrated for their sheer vividness of sound. Originally released in 1964, this first LP of Starker's legendary Bach Suites recordings for Mercury met immediate acclaim and encouraged Starker and the recording team to wax the other four Suites. All six Suites were released together in a 1966 box set. Recorded April 15 and 17, 1963, in Fine Recording Ballroom Studio A, New York City, using three Schoeps M201 microphones.


Suite Nr. II d-Moll, BWV 1008
Prélude 3/4 d-Moll
Allemande c d-Moll
Courante 3/4 d-Moll

Suite Nr. V c-Moll, BWV 1011
Prélude c-3/8 c-Moll
Allemande c c-Moll
Courante 3/4 c-Moll
Sarabande 3/4 c-Moll
Gavotte I c-Moll – II c-Moll – I
Gigue 3/8 c-Moll
Sarabande 3/4 d-Moll
Menuett I d-Moll – II D-Dur – I
Gigue 3/8 d-Moll