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John Williams The Berlin Concert

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A few weeks before his 90th birthday the legendary American film composer John Williams conducted the Berliner Philharmoniker for the first time! The Tagesspiegel summed up the event as simply “one of those great evenings”. Regardless of whether Star Wars, Harry Potter or Indiana Jones, the symphonic Hollywood sounds on the stage of the Berliner Philharmoniker thrilled the audience right from the start. The soundtracks of John Williams are among the most popular in the history of film and have received numerous prestigious awards, including five Oscars, five Emmys, four Golden Globes and twenty-five Grammys.

The album “John Williams – The Berlin Concert” celebrates the iconic composer and captures the impressive energy of this unique concert played by one of the world’s greatest orchestras. Under Williams’ baton, the musicians bring exceptional tonal beauty and an edge-of-the-seat intensity to a thrilling selection of his scores. “John Williams doesn’t need the films, the films need him,” wrote Rolling Stone after the concert. The album presents cult themes from Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Superman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and other milestones in film history.

The recording is set for release on 4 February 2022, in time for the superstar composer’s 90th birthday just four days later.

The limited LP-set with two 180g vinyls is presented in a high-quality Gatefold with a noble gold foil look on the cover. The album is also available as a limited 2 CD digipack, a limited Deluxe Edition, download and stream. The Deluxe Edition is the only version that contains the unique concert experience on Blu-ray. Including a breathtaking Dolby Atmos surround sound mix for the perfect concert experience (available as video and audio-only version).

Shop exclusive there are two limited and numbered vinyl editions available: a LP-set with two golden 180g vinyls as well as a golden 7inch vinyl (that features the Superman March as well as Harry’s Wondrous World from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). Each edition is presented with a high quality gold foil look on the cover.


John Williams (*1932)

BluRay 1

1 Applaus

2 Olympic Fanfare and Theme

3 Excerpts aus Unheimliche Begegnung der dritten Art

4 Moderation

5 Suite aus Far and Away

6 Moderation

7 Hedwig’s Theme aus Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen

8 Nimbus 2000 aus Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen

9 Harry’s Wondrous World aus Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen

10 Theme aus Jurassic Park

11 Superman March

BluRay 2

1 Moderation

2 Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra aus Indiana Jones und der letzte Kreuzzug

3 Marion’s Theme aus Indiana Jones: Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes

4 Raiders March aus Indiana Jones: Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes

5 Moderation

6 Elegy for Cello and Orchestra (mit Bruno Delepelaire)

7 Moderation

8 The Adventures of Han aus Solo: A Star Wars Story

9 Yoda’s Theme aus Star Wars: Das Imperium schlägt zurück

10 Throne Room & Finale aus Star Wars: Eine neue Hoffnung

11 Moderation

12 Princess Leia’s Theme aus Star Wars: Eine neue Hoffnung

13 Flying Theme aus E.T. – Der Außerirdische

14 The Imperial March aus Star Wars: Das Imperium schlägt zurück