Quartets: One - Four by Peter Gregson - 2CD - shop now at Deutsche Grammophon store
Quartets: One - Four by Peter Gregson - 2CD - shop now at Deutsche Grammophon store

Peter Gregson Quartets: One - Four

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Renowned composer, cellist and Deutsche Grammophon recording artist, Peter Gregson presents his sixth studio album, QUARTETS. The deluxe edition of the album, released on vinyl and CD, unites pieces from earlier albums Quartets: One, Two, Three and Four completing the conceptual cycle the composer set out for himself of creating a “quartet of quartets”. 


“The String Quartet is a mighty instrument in itself, an incredible sound and deliciously expressive medium for which to write with an unparalleled repertoire going back hundreds of years,” - Peter Gregson. 

Gregson has enjoyed a long and successful career with the cello as its centre point, having composed for films, TV series as well as releasing his own highly-acclaimed material. This latest album is a deep exploration of the string quartet highlighting all its hidden potential. In the album, Gregson invites listeners on an emotive journey that moves from an entirely acoustic body of work in Quartets: One, to increasingly adding synthesisers and electronic effects such as reverbs, delays and harmonizers to create rich sonic textures in Quartets: Two and Three to later return to an all-acoustic set-up and his original classical sound world in Quartets: Four. The album illustrates Gregson’s unparalleled intimacy with the cello and his mastery of using electronic effects that enhance the instrument in a way that feels wholly natural and almost imperceptible. Recorded in world-class studios including Abbey Road Studio 3, QUARTETS is an essential album for anyone who’s passionate about strings.


CD 1:

Quartets: One

01 Primary Colours

02 The Day Before

03 Sequence (Three)

04 Space

05 Duplicity


Quartets: Two

06 Sequence (Four)

07 Warmth

08 Plainchant

09 Drone


CD 2:

Quartets: Three

01 Even

02 Up

03 Sequence (Eight)

04 Cantus

05 Murmuration

06 …from a memory


Quartets: Four

07 Three Parallels: 1

08 Three Parallels: 2

09 Three Parallels: 3