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Roger Eno The Turning Year-Rarities

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Following the success of The Turning Year, Roger Eno's debut solo album for Deutsche Grammophon, in April 2022, he continued to focus on expanding and reinventing his repertoire.  The result was a mix of brilliant reworks and previously unreleased gems from the album sessions, released in the form of three EPs. Rarities now combines the composer's EPs, Piano, Bells and Quartets, in one vinyl and complements the complete material with the brand new bonus track "Moving Chords". 


1. The Turning Year (Solo Piano Version)
2. Still Day
3. Bells (Grand Piano Version)
4. Softly
5. Slow Motion 1
6. Slow Motion 2
7. Slow Motion 3
8. Venerable Dilemma
9. Moving Chords
10. Or so I've Read
11. Bells (with Voices)