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Max Richter SLEEP: Tranquility Base

Product Type: Limited White Label Vinyl + signed Art-Card
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Limited White Label Vinyl + Signed Art-Card

- strictly limited White Label Vinyl - 100 units

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- White Label + Signed Art-Card


“Revisiting the material now is a nice way to discover what it means to me, in this moment, in 2023.” - Max Richter

Max Richter is returning to his celebrated eight-hour magnum opus SLEEP with a new EP – SLEEP: Tranquility Base. Referencing the 1969 moon landing site in the title, it is a glimpse into the original SLEEP material from a more electronic standpoint.

“The original things which made us want to make this piece was a sense of being oversaturated – with data, with information – overstimulated… All of that is just worse now. There’s more of the same, and much more of the same, and that makes the piece continually relevant.” Max Richter

The EP release also includes brand-new remixes by renowned German sound artist alva noto (also known from his score to The Revenant composed alongside Ryuichi Sakamoto which received nominations for Golden Globe, BAFTA, Grammy and Critics' Choice Movie Awards); and Kelly Lee Owens, the electronic musician who has collaborated with the likes of Björk, St. Vincent and John Cale.