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Daniel Hope & Zürcher Kammerorchester Dance!

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Daniel Hope's new album "Dance!" reflects his boundless interest in the most diverse styles and periods of music. The star violinist takes the listeners on a journey through seven centuries of music history and explores the rhythms that have set bodies in motion and lifted hearts since time began.
Everyone knows and can hum along to the melodies of well-known classical pieces such as Shostakovich's Waltz No. 2 or the famous Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet. In addition to the well-known hits by Shostakovich, Brahms, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Bartók or Ellington, there are many other styles and pieces to discover on this double album, such as the Lamento di Tristano from the 14th century or Nicola Conforto's Fandango from the 18th century.

From music that once intended to entertain monarchs, to be heard in concert halls or began life in the fields, on the streets and pubs, even dances with ritualistic elements - Hope is interested in the universal significance of dance and rhythm and the diversity that it expresses: “The great thing about dance is that if you get together with others in one room, you’ll all most likely feel the rhythm at the same time and, eventually, move together. There’s a lot to be said for that in today’s world”, says Hope. 
Hope recorded the music with the Zürcher Kammerorchester and many other musician friends. The pieces can be heard in new arrangements and instrumentations adapted to the genre.

This DG Store CD-Set also includes a high-quality signed art card of Daniel Hope in CD-format!


CD 1
1. SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitri (1906–1975) 
Waltz No. 2
No.7 from Suite for Variety Orchestra 
arr. Paul Bateman 
2. SAINT-SAËNS, Camille (1835–1921) 
Danse macabre op. 40 
arr. Paul Bateman 
3. PROKOFIEV, Sergei (1891–1953) 
Dance Of The Knights from Romeo and Juliet 
arr. Paul Bateman 
4. CHAIKOVSKY, Peter Ilyich (1840–1893) 
Pas de deux from Swan Lake op. 20 
arr. Paul Bateman 
5. MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756–1791) 
Rondo for Violin and Orchestra in B-Flat Major K. 269 (261a) 
Cadenza: Daniel Hope 
SCHUBERT, Franz (1797–1828) 
5 Deutsche Tänze D89/ 6-10
6.   No. 1 in C major
7.   No. 2 in G major
8.   No. 3 in D major
9.   No. 4 in F major
10. No. 5 in C major

11. BIZET, Georges (1838–1875) 
Farandole from L’Arlésienne
arr. Paul Bateman 
12. OFFENBACH, Jaques (1819–1880) 
Can-can (Galop infernal) from Orphée aux enfers 
arr. Paul Bateman 
13. BRAHMS, Johannes (1833–1897) 
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor WoO 1/5
arr. Paul Bateman 

Odessa Bulgar 
15. GARDEL, Carlos (1887–1935) 
Por una cabeza 
arr. Paul Bateman 

16. PIAZZOLLA, Astor (1921–1992) 
BARTÓK, Béla (1881–1945) 
Román népi táncok (Romanian Folk Dances) Sz 56
arr. Arthur Willner
17. 1. Joc cu bâtă (Stick Dance) 
18. 2. Brâul (Sash Dance)
19. 3. Pe loc (Stamping Dance)
20. 4. Buciumeana (Dance of Buchum)
21. 5. Poargă românească (Romanian Polka)
22. 6. Măruntel (Fast Dance)